BR2 Buildingb2

Since the last fight in BR2 is played in this stage (the building), we can establish that is the ZLF HeadQuarter

The Zoanthrope Liberation Front (ZLF), also known as the Zoanthrope Release Battle Line, is an organized group for the zoanthrope's right. It was created after the Tylon down under the aim to protect the zoanthropes against persecutions and prejudices from the rest of the human race.

However, the group quickly became a terroriste organisation convinced by the zoanthropes superiority and by the submission of the humans. Even the zoanthropes aren't safe, ones who defy theirs values are brainwashed into becoming war machines and lackeys sworn to serve the ZLF.

The group is led by Shenlong and Busuzima takes the role as the ZLF's head scientist.

Kenji was kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming the new Bakuryu , and assumes the role of a deadly assassin until he is saved by Yugo .

Shina had suspicions that her father, Gado , was the leader of the ZLF, but fortunately she finds out otherwise.

We know that Mitsuko were abducted by the ZLF. Despite the reason was not cleared yet, she was finally liberated by her daughter Uriko.

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