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Zoanthropes are humans with the ability to transform into beasts. They are similar to werewolves, but there is a wide variety to what type of animal individual Zoanthropes can become.

In the Bloody Roar series, the majority of Zoanthropes are primarily mammals and feline. Whether or not a feline alter-ego is the dominant type is uncertain; the games do not go farther into the background of Zoanthropes outside of the main characters in-game.

However, it is a common theme in the games that a Zoanthrope transformation can be forced by experimentation. Alice is an example of a Zoanthrope experiment that resulted in success. Experiments conducted on Stun made him a Zoanthrope, but the result was an unstable and deformed body. Uriko was a victim of too many experiments, and therefore has an altered, lesser beast form instead of her original Chimera form.

It is also suggested in Bloody Roar 4 that Zoanthrope abilities can be passed from a Zoanthrope to a human, though this has only been proven in regards to the Unborn. Xion stabbed Nagi and she became the Spurious. The games never expand upon the idea of a bite or a scratch from a Zoanthrope mutating humans into beasts.


Zoanthrope could comes from the term "Zoanthropy", a mental disorder in which one believes oneself to be an animal.

"zoo" comes from the greek word "zỗ̩on" which means "animal" and "-anthrope" come from the greek word "ánthrôpos" which means "be human"

We can establish the link with the word "lycanthrope" (lukanthrōpos - lúkos (loup) / ánthrôpos) which means werewolf.

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