"Tyron" logo as seen in the Secret Lab area

Tylon (or Tyron) Cybertrec Corporation is an organisation who abducted and experiment on people, turning them into Zoanthropes, for military goal. They usually use brainwashing for turn innocent victim in dangerous weapon.

Tylon Corporation is in the center of the first Bloody Roar event.

The Tylon Corporation Headquarter was blown up by Gado, his terrorist act revealed to the world the illegal genetic experiment on humans made in the organisation labs. The corporation had to drop all charges against Gado. Since, Tylon is supposedly disappeared. 

It's known that they have a separate departement YUN CHI Manufacturing, Inc.,who stand after the destruction of the corporation continuing the experiments. Yun Chi Manufacturing is responsible of the Kohryu project.


  • In the fist installment mostly Tylon Corporation gone through various orthograph as Tylon, Tyron, Tyrone

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