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Welcome to Bloody Roar Wikia

Bloody Roar Wikia is a Wiki focusing on the Bloody Roar video game series, developed by Eighting and Hudson. The Wiki is dedicated to collecting all informations about this series. First of all Bloody Roar Wikia is a community for fans of the series. Don't be shy; we want you to make new pages where they're needed and even edit existing ones!

You can also contribute to liven up the community with the Forum.

A New Beast War Begins !

"houuuu... ready?! Good luck!"
―Bakuryu the Mole (II), Bloody Roar 4

In the latter half of the 20th century, burgeoning population and the rapid development of technology have affected the Earth's environment in various ways. Humans, who once gave birth to a flourishing civilization, are heading for collapse. As the century draws to a close, the world is filled with darkness and fear. Mysterious warriors appear, all displaying tribal strength, astoundng athletic ability and the power to morph into raging half-human beasts! Tigers, wolves, wild boars - will mankind depend on the claws, fangs, and cunning of savage beasts to bring the world safely into the next millenium?

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The Fan Reboot

If you interested on a fan reboot of the game, come see the all new Bloody roar related page :

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