Hans the Fox



Fox in Bloody Roar
Full Name Hans (Hance) Taubemann
Known As Fox
Beast Form Fox
Fighting Style Kickboxing
Age 22 (BR)
Status Unknown
Height 186cm (6'1) / 190cm in beast form
Weight 65kg / 65kg in beast form
Occupation Assassin
Likes The Sight of Blood and Chocolate bars
Dislikes Ugly Creatures
Debut Bloody Roar
English Voice Actors Samantha Vega(BR)

Sans titre-6

"Ugly beasts must be weeded out of this world!"
— Fox in Bloody Roar

Fox or Hans Taubemann (ハンス・ターブマン Hansu Tābuman) is a fictional character from the Bloody Roar series. His beast form is a Fox and he worked as assassin for Tylon Corporation.

He is only playable in the first game of the series.

History Edit

Bloody RoarEdit

The young boy, Hans, under the name 'Fox', is an assassin for the Tylon Corporation. He was a child of the streets and developed a disturbing love for blood and killing. He dislikes his zoanthrope side, seeing it as a very ugly form. One day, Fox was taking his wrath out on a group of people. A woman who he had just fatally injured calls out his real name; It was someone who Hans wished could have done better for him. It was his mother. She died right before his very eyes. Fox couldn't believe what he'd done. His actions drove him to insanity as he laughed into the night.


Bloody Roar - Fox's Ending

Bloody Roar - Fox's Ending



Personality Edit

Fox is an effeminate and bloodthirsty killer that doesn't care about anyone or anything. He is a very vain young man with obvious cross-dressing tendencies. He is also obsessed with beauty and declares all else ugly.

Appearance Edit

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Fox appears as a tall, young Caucasian male with a feminine face and athletic build. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

He tends to wear a spandex vest, gloves, jean shorts and a pair of boots.

His beast form takes some cues from the Swift Fox.

Affiliation Edit

Tylon CorporationEdit

He worked as an assassin for the Tylon Corporation as an opportunity to kill more people.

Gameplay Edit

In the first Bloody Roar game, Fox happened to be one of the fastest characters in the entire game, with quick strikes, but lacked in strength, only chipping away at the opponent's lifebar. Most of his movelist and animations were later passed down to Jenny the Bat, who first appeared in Bloody Roar 2.

Official Artworks Edit

Bloody Roar

Quotes Edit

"The sight of blood excites me!"
— Victory quote

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