Greg the Gorilla



Greg in Bloody Roar
Full Name Gregory Jones
Known As Greg
Beast Form Gorilla
Fighting Style Wrestling
Age 35
Status Alive, retired
Height 197cm (6'5) / 203cm in beast form
Weight 130kg / 150kg in beast form
Occupation Circus Ringmaster
Likes Entertainment and Weightlifting
Dislikes -
Debut Bloody Roar
English Voice Actors Barry Gjerde (BR)

Sans titre-6

Greg (グレッグ Gureggu), real name Gregory Jones (グレゴリー・ジョーンズ Guregorī Jōnzu) is a fictional character from the Bloody Roar series. He is only playable in the first game of the series.

History Edit

Bloody Roar Edit

Greg is asking Yugo to help him out with the circus by being an attraction, but Yugo refuses and tells Greg he should do it. With this advice, Greg does just that and brings his circus back from the brink of bankruptcy as the ringleader and star of his own circus.


Bloody Roar - Greg's Ending01:04

Bloody Roar - Greg's Ending



Greg seems to be a theatrical person at heart and is very much into his physical health. His motivation comes from his love of the circus and the friends he has made there.


Also see: Greg Outfits

Greg is an extremely tall, muscular Caucasian man in his 30s with a white beard sans mustache and a spandex uniform. He also has a hat which can be knocked off in the middle of the fight. His beast form takes many cues from the Silverback Gorilla.


He has no affiliations in this game, only looking to save his circus.


Greg serves as the powerhouse grappler of the game: extremely strong but very slow. He has several high-damaging throws which can KO an opponent if used multiple times in one match, and has a wind-up punch that, if charged completely, can KO the opponent in one hit. However, due to his lack of speed, he can be considered on the lower end of the tier list.

Official ArtworksEdit

Bloody Roar

Trivia Edit

  • When Greg takes a consequent hit by his opponent, his hat falls on the ground and stay here until the end of the match.
  • Gregs theme "Return to The Wild" appears in Bloody Roar 1, 2 and 3 despite Greg himself only appearing in the first game.
  • Some of his moves and aspects of his playstyle have been given to Stun the Insect, who debuted in the next game, Bloody Roar 2.
  • In the arcade version, Greg's skin color was a lot more tanned, however when the game was released on the PlayStation, his skin was turned to be Caucasian.

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