This is a To-Do List that encompasses the entire wiki, where people can volunteer to do what needs to be done on the website. You can also add stuff to the list that needs to be done.

Adding/Replacing ImagesEdit

We search the best quality for the images if you find one artwork with a better quality than on the wikia replace the uploaded one. We can complete the galleries with new image but be sure to fit with the gallery theme.

Needed ImagesEdit

  • Completed all Outfits for all fighters presented like this ones
  • Renders in better quality : Mana, Nagi, Ryoho, Reiji in Human and Animal form from Bloody Roar 4,
  • Artworks of Yugo from DreamMix TV World Fighters
  • Artwork in better quality : Long in Human and Animal form from Bloody Roar 2.

Needed EditsEdit

Game Pages Edit

  • Complete each section. In particular the Sypnosis & Gameplay sections.

Manga PagesEdit

Character PagesEdit

  • Complete each section (Appearance, Affiliations, Beast Drive, ...)
  • In a lot of Character pages, the story and ending have been carelessly combined (you can see a [...] to prevents the edit needed)
  • Outfit & Combo : Complete each absent informations

Needed PagesEdit

  • Location Pages : Midnight City, Nuclear Plant, Evil (and Chaos) Labotary...
  • Command List Pages : Yugo Command Lists, Uriko Command Lists, Xion Command Lists, ...
  • Outfits Pages : Xion Outfits, Uranus Outfits, Jenny Outfits, ...
  • Staff Pages : Director, Musician, Sony Computer Entertainment, ...

Needed DocumentsEdit

If you are in possession of this document(s). Please send a PDF version (or multiple scans) to the administrator

  • Official Game Manuals : Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar 4
  • Official Strategy Guide : Bloody Roar, Bloody Roar 2, Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar : Primal Fury/Extrem, Bloody Roar 4

Improve a Character's PageEdit

A Characters page content it's in this order :

  • Quote - use the template : Q
  • Short introduction : -Character Name- (-Character Name in Japanese typography-) is a fictional character from the Bloody Roar series. Her beast form is the -beast form- and he is -Character's job-
    He appeared in the -first/second/...- installement of the series, -Bloody Roar/Bloody Roar 2/...-.
    -Secondary information like if he's dead, if he's never reappear in the series, if he's a boss, ...-
  • Infobox- Follow this one
    • (The images have to be the official character's renders from his last appearance.)
  • History
    • Bloody Roar - Combinaison of the introduction and ending
    • Bloody Roar 2 - Detailled resume of the character's story mode
    • Bloody Roar 3- Detailled resume of the character's arcade mode
    • Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Extreme- Combinaison of the introduction and ending
    • Bloody Roar 4 - Combinaison of the introduction and ending
    • Endings - Ending cinematic from Bloody Roar, Bloody Roar: Primal Fury and Bloody Roar : Extrem
  • Characters
    • Personality - Is he kind? rebel? cocky? Descripes and make example.
    • Appareance - A physical, fashion description with the changes through the series. The Outfits description is reserved for the "Character's Outfits" page
  • Affiliations
    • Characters 1 - Relationship and history between the two characters. Make an effort, two lines minimum.
    • Characters 2
    • ...
    • Corporation/Association - Group in which the characters has an affiliation (ex : ZLF)
  • Gameplay - Character's gameplay propriete (speed, moveset, strenght, change through the series, ...) The Combo description is reserved for the "Character's Combo List" page
    • Beast Drives - Description of the moveset of each characters Best Drives
    • Ability Plus - Bonus ability unique for each characters who appears in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
  • Official Artworks - Only official artworks (render, poster, cover...), no fan-made or wallpaper. The pictures are ordonned by games in a galleries.
  • Trivia - All the informations who don't fit in the previous categories

For a better vision, see Alice the Rabbit , one of the most complete character page

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