Soundtrack for Bloody Roar 3

Into the BattlefieldEdit

It acts in the Game Opening

Wild ConsultationEdit

It acts in the Mode Select

No RemorseEdit

It acts in the Character Select

Dangerous ExpectationEdit

It acts in the Story Mode Opening

Dead or AliveEdit

It acts in the VS Screen (Announce a fight)

Dino MuseumEdit

Theme for the Dino Museum Stage

Under Ground FallsEdit

Theme for the Under Ground Falls Stage

Freezing SpaceEdit

Theme for the Freezing Space Stage

Sea FortressEdit

Theme for the Sea Fortress Stage

Midnight CityEdit

Theme for the Midnight City Stage

Silent TempleEdit

Theme for the Silent Temple Stage

Slum StreetEdit

Theme for the Slum Street Stage

Mystery RelicsEdit

Theme for the Mystery Relics Stage

Beast LegacyEdit

Theme for the Beast Legacy Stage

Might of NatureEdit

It acts in the Win cutscene

Might of NatureEdit

It acts in the Epilogue

Love and HateEdit

It acts in the Staff Roll

The BreakerEdit

It acts in the Trespass

Unfulfilled DesiresEdit

It acts in the Lose cutscene

Countdown to ExtinctionEdit

It acts in the Continue

Earth of DespairEdit

It acts in the Game Over

Brief ReposeEdit

It acts in the Ranking


  • Before the Bloody Roar 3 OST, the "music theme" corresponding to a fighter rather than a stage.
  • The Bloody ROar 3 OST consist not only of the composition from Bloody Roar 3 but from Bloody Roar 2 as well.

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