"The fighting tradition lives on... but will you?"
— Official tagline

Bloody Roar 3, is a vs fighting video game developed by Eighting/Hudson Soft in 2000 for Arcades. The game was ported to Playstation 2 in 2001.


Bloody Roar 3 Opening

Bloody Roar 3 Opening

Bloody Roar 3 Opening

"The sign of the beast... A symbol shining with an eerie light, it appears without warning and to those it marks, it brings ultimate power and mysterious death.

The sign only appears on the beastmen, human with the power to assume bestial form, and through them it sends ripples of terror and unrest throughout the civilized world.

When those powerful beastmen, who fought for both their future and that of mankind, found this mark on their bodies, they set out on a quest.

Each with their own dreams and their own ambitions... They sought the one whose will lurks behind the Sign and it is source of power....'"


The game uses a total of six buttons - though the shoulder buttons on the PS2 controller are optional. The button commands are punch, kick, throw, beast form button, and the L2 & R2 button is side-step left and side-step right - the player has the option to double tap up or down to side-step.

The main feature in the Bloody Roar series,the Beast Form, returns in Bloody Roar 3. A fight in the game starts with both fighters meters filled up and both players have the option to transform into a beast. While in beast form, the player can recover some of the health that was lost over time and can perform "Beast Drive" - in other words, super combo that was seen in Capcom and SNK fighting games.

The Beast Drive is pretty much the Super Combo. When performed, the player can recover all of the health that the player can get back instead of waiting to recover it in a short amount of time. In Bloody Roar 3, each characters earn a new Beast Drive with the one already introduced in Bloody Roar 2.

Another feature is "Hyper Beast Form", a faster & stronger version of the Beast Form that can be used for about twelve seconds.

Game Features

  • Arcade
  • VS Battle
  • Survival
  • Pratice
  • Option

Characters & Locations

List of Characters
Returning Fighters
Alice the Rabbit  · Bakuryu the Mole  · Busuzima the Chameleon  · Gado the Lion  · Jenny the Bat  · Long the Tiger  · Shenlong the Tiger  · Shina the Leopard  · Stun the Insect  · Uriko the Half-Beast  · Yugo the Wolf
New Fighters
Xion the Unborn
New Unlockable Fighters
Kohryu the Iron Mole  · Uranus the Chimera
List of Locations
Dino Museum  · Under Ground Falls  · Freezing Space  · Sea Fortress  · Midnight City  · Silent Temple  · Slum Street  · Mystery Relics  · Beast Legacy




Bloody Roar 3 received generally positive reviews from critics. On Metacritic , BR3 holds a rating of 71%, based on 20 reviews. Among the Bloody Roar community is mostly considered as the best of the series.

The game has sold 350 000 copies around the world. His biggest competitor around it release date, Dead or Alive 3, has sold 1.77 millions of copies.

With a grade of 7.9/10 , David Smith from IGN precise the few of attention on the Bloody Roar serie "Tekken, Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive have captured the lion's share of the attention in the genre since the peak of the Playstation era[...]. Which Bloody Roar never quite was." due to it lack of ambition, terrific action and the original combo. He concludes with "The offensive system is cool, and the beast meter throws in a curve as always, but the defensive system is just a little behind the curve in comparison to Tekken and DOA."

The french game site offers a 15/20 for the game, describes it like an excellent continuation for the Bloody Roar serie with an attractive gameplay, an on top direction and with original fights.


Various tie-in product of Bloody Roar 3 was sell on the market with the release like : T-shirts, a V-jump Book, cigarette cases, bumber stickers, phone cards, a Chia head in the shape of Gado...

Packaging Artwork

Official Artworks

See: Bloody Roar 3 (official artwork)


  • In Bloody Roar 3, the fighters no longer change their hair color with the alternative costumes.