Soundtrack for Bloody Roar 2

Roaring SupremeEdit

It acts in the Game Opening

Bringer of the New AgeEdit

It acts in the Story Mode Opening

No One Can Stop MeEdit

Yugo 's Theme.

This One's For YouEdit

Alice 's Theme.


Long 's Theme.

Nap TimeEdit

Marvel/Shina 's Theme.

Scourge of the NightEdit

Bakuryu 's Theme.


Uriko 's Theme.

No JokeEdit

Busuzima 's Theme.

Want Some More?Edit

Jenny 's Theme.

It's My Turn NowEdit

Stun 's Theme.

While You Still CanEdit

Gado 's theme

You're DeadEdit

ShenLong 's theme

Lust in PeaceEdit

It acts during the Credit (Staff Roll)

Return Of WildEdit

Extra track on the soundtrack.


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