Soundtrack for Bloody Roar

Defenders of LegacyEdit

It acts in the Opening

Wild HorizonEdit

It acts in the Mode Select

Forces of NatureEdit

It acts in the Character Select

Bad Moon RisingEdit

Yugo's Theme.

Cry of the LegendEdit

Gado's Theme.

The Wall of DestinyEdit

Long's Theme.

Angel FireEdit

Alice's Theme.


Bakuryu's Theme.

Bad MamaEdit

Mitsuko's Theme.

Psychotic NatureEdit

Fox's Theme.

Return to the WildEdit

Greg's Theme.

Bored to DeathEdit

Uriko's Theme.


It acts during the characters' endings

Into the WindEdit

It acts during the Credit (Staff Roll)

Down and DirtyEdit

It acts when you have to chose between Continue or Not

The ForgottenEdit

It acts during a Game Over

The Nameless OneEdit

It acts during the Name Entry


It acts during the Ranking

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