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In the Japanese version of the official Hudson Soft Bloody Roar site, who could find a zoanthrope mascot assisted the game section. 




Bloody MoguraEdit

A game that is similar to Whack-a-Mole. You have to whack the other characters but avoid hitting the Mole. The mascot plays the ones who remove you each points you lost.

Bloody Nervous BreakdownEdit

A Card-matching game with the characters from Bloody Roar, the mascot is here too.

Bloody FortuneEdit

If you enter your birthdate, the mascot find out which Bloody Roar character you are similar to.


The mascot looks like Gado in a first view. He's got a human body and a lion head. His royal outfits (a red and white cap, a crown and a scepter with a felin paw in the extremity) and his posture let think he's a king. Apart from the royal outfits He's only wearing white briefs, two white socks (one with a hole in it) with a pair of wood sandals with red fasteners.