Aquarium is a location and fighting arena that appears in Bloody Roar 2,  Bloody Roar: Primal Fury and Bloody Roar 4

Bloody Roar 2Edit


The marbled plateform is decorated with a checkboard patterns with a blue extremeties. It's delimited by a red metal barrier. In the background, there's is a panomarical exotic aquarium.


Bloody Roar: Primal FuryEdit


The stage looks like a cathedral interior with stained-glass (of sirens), arch entrance, stone walls but surrounded by a pool and an aquarium where you can see dolphines, turtles and all of a marine environment.

When the opponent is thrown out of the ring in the enormous well, the striker jumps for catchs up the other and falls into another floor.

The second floor is way darker than the first, there's only a red light for light the matches. The fighters have water up to their knees and strange "water goblins" keep an eye on the match for disappear in the water when the fighters get closer. Through the windows, you can see two strange sharks.


Bloody Roar 4Edit


The stage is referred as Stage 6.

The stage blends elements from a factory, an aquarium and a cathedral. In one side, you can see stained-glass windows like in a church and on the other side a wide metallic entrance.

In the aquarium, there is dolphines, school of tropical fishes and all of a marine environment.

In comparaison with the Primal Fury version, this stage is darker as if it was underground. You can also see rays of lights coming through the surface of the water.


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