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Shina's profile indicating her Abilities Plus

Ability Plus is a special attribute which serve to assist the fighter in battle. All characters have two of them. Certain abilities are unique to a character, for exemple, Busuzima is the only fighters to have Invisible Effect due to his particular Beast form.

Ability Plus has been officialised in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury but somes of this attributes like Energy Drain or Speed Up was present since Bloody Roar 2 .

List of Abilities Edit

  • All Block Break : [...]
  • Any Cancel A : Ability to cancel any attack.
  • Any Cancel B : Ability to cancel any attack.
  • Cancel B : [...]
  • Counter Effect : Ability to counter certain attack (kick or punch).
  • Consecutive Hit Effect : When an opponent takes a hit, and steps back, it becomes easier to land combos successfully.
  • Counter Hit Effect : [...]
  • Energy Drain : In Beast Mode, his throw attack steals Health Point from the opponent.
  • Invisible Effect : In Hyper Mode, he will turn invisible.
  • Kezuri A : [...]
  • Kezuri B : [...]
  • Power Block : [...]
  • Power Legs : [...]
  • Rave : [...]
  • Speed Up : In Beast Mode, his speed increase
  • Super Armor : [...]
  • Transformation : In Hyper Mode, he will transform himself as a different beast that in Beast Mode
  • Void an Opponent's Defense : [...]

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